Sunday, March 08, 2015

"My" Day

Today its the International Women's Day.
So yes, it sure its my day.
Its "my" day and also the day of all women.
We, the fighters, the ones that do a bunch of things to confort the ones we love, never forgetting who we are.
So, yes, we do have "our" day.
Being a woman is to be a kind of superhero, because we can do a thousand things and respond to many requests, which one is more stringent.
I love being a woman.
I love losing myself in the middle of my stuff, in the middle of my clothes, makeup and things that make me feel truly feminine.
Reaching a perfumery and try a new scent ...
But all these are external things.
What's going on inside me is what makes me a tough and a fighter, always trying to erase what saddens me, which blackens my soul.
Makes me always try to get better and to improve this life of mine.
Moving mountains to try to achieve my goals.
Is this true essence that i identify, that i pursue and makes me want to reach the top, up there, as if the world were my own private space, unique and unmistakable.
Get where no one dream, an eternal desire to feel that everything was done.
So... Happy International Women's Day!!!
And yes, all the other days are "our" day. Unique and special...

What im wearing:

Body - Maitreya - Mesh Body - Lara
Skin - Wow Skins - Ilenia Bronze 02 A CL - New Skin - Available at Skin Fair - Starting at March 13th

Hair - Truth - Carrie
Dress - Just Darling - Andrea Gown in Purple
Earrings, neckace and bracelet - Lazuri - Maysoon Set
Shoes - [LaVian&Company]- FW2015 - Celestina 4 in 1 Pumps - 4
Hands and Feet - Slink

Song for the moment:



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