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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

I Call It Love

"I look at you
You look at me
(You can't tell me you ain't feeling butterflies)
It's obvious,
We have some chemistry
(I think I know it cause it feels so right)
Girl I wanted so long to know
Now Your telling me you gotta let it go
(Don't Tell Me I have to start all over again)
I Never thought that this day would come
(This is something that I've wanted in my life)
I realize that you're the one
(and you're telling me its time to say goodbye)
What's inside of my heart It ain't gonna change
So it shouldn't be so easy to walk away
(You feel it, I feel it, let's not pretend)

Baby, I Don't Know What Love Is
Maybe I'm A Fool
I Just Know What I'm Feeling
And It's All Because Of You
Don't Tell Me
I Don't Know
I Want The Truth
Cause They Call It
We Call It
You Call It
I Call It Love

It's so clear for you to see
(don't let anybody tell you what to do)
Why they can't they just let us be happy
(I don't want to find somebody new)
If you know whats really in your heart
Then don't let them tear us apart
(Cause you feel it I feel it Lets think this through)


We Have a bond that's unbreakable
And its not time to let it go
And now that we know its real
We are going to let it show
To the whole world
That I'm yours forever
and you're my girl


They Call It Love
I Call it

What i'm wearing:

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Trikini - Prism - Lynne Trikini by Jezzixa Cazalet - Pink - Exclusive at Designer Circle Event - Round 16/19 - ( August 11th - August 24th )
Pose - [NinaX] - Swimsuit Bento Pose Set - Pose 1

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